Did you know you can buy and sell Ethereum on truexgold.com at the best rates in 2020? Well, that’s what this article will explain.

Truexgold sells ethereum at an affordable price and also buys ethereum at a reasonable price.

They deal with more than 10 different e-currencies in which ethereum is among.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to register on truexgold.com, if this exchanger platform is legit or not, how to buy and sell ethereum on the website, truexgold contact details and my conclusion.

About Truexgold Exchanger

Have you heard about truexgold from a friend, online, or you saw them on social media? Most people discovered this great platform from social media.

Truexgold reviews 2020 Nigeria

Truexgold is the best cryptocurrency exchanger in Nigeria where you can buy and sell e currency.

Official Website: https://truexgold.com

The plafrorm is for free and there is no charges or commissions that will be deducted from your money.

Among the vast amount of e-currencies they deal with, this article is clearly going to focus on ethereum.

The company was founded 8 years+ ago (8 September, 2011) and since then many Nigerians have been trading cryptocurrency on it without problems.

Don’t let me beat about the bush, this company is the best in Nigeria and you are also going to see that in this post.

How To Register on Truexgold E-currency Exchange Platform

The first thing you need to do before you can buy sell ethereum in Nigeria on truexgold is to create an account on the website.

Note that truexgold does not have any application or software as at the time of writing this post, you are going to make use of the site for everything.

Follow the instructions carefully to create an account on truexgold.com

The picture below has also shown the steps you are going to take.

Register Truexgold

Step 1:Β  Go to truexgold registration page πŸ‘ˆ click on the link.

Step 2: Enter the username you want to use. The username cannot be changed after registration and will be used for logging in and also important in verification. It can consist of alphabet and numbers, for example my own username is bigboy289.

Step 3: Enter your email address in the next field.

Step 4: Type in your password. Make sure that it is very strong and can be remembered (You can write it down or save it somewhere). I recommend it should consist of Capital letters, small letters, numbers and characters like (&, @, #).

Step 5: Type that password again.

Step 6: Solve the captcha. It is a simple mathematical question and you don’t need calculator for it. It is used to prevent bots or automated registrations.

Step 7: Tick the agreement field.

Step 8: Click on the sign up button.

Upon your successful registration, you will be automatically logged in to truexgold and there’s no verification of email needed.

When you click on your username, you will go to your profile dashboard where you can:

  1. Edit your first, second and last names.
  2. Edit your mobile phone number.
  3. Edit your Skype username (not compulsory).
  4. Edit your passport number.
  5. You can also see a link to verify your account (not compulsory). I have explained everything about truexgold KYC verification below in this article.

Read on to understand the buying and selling of ethereum on truexgold.com

Is Truexgold.com Legit or Scam?

Truexgold is legit, they are not scammers.

The company was established on the 8th September, 2011 and since then they have been doing perfectly okay.

The 10 companies (Their logos) are the official partners of truexgold.

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β  Β 

Truexgold can’t run away with your money or e-currencies (Ethereum).

Done with that? Now let me show you how to buy and sell ethereum (ETH) on truexgold website.

How To Buy and Sell Ethereum on Truexgold.com in Nigeria

I am going to explain how you can buy and sell ethereum on truexgold easily at the best rates in Nigeria.

buy and sell ethereum on truexgold.com

Ethereum Rates on Truexgold.com

Scroll down to see the price of ethereum (ETH) on truexgold.com. They also have more than 90 ETH in stock if you are a bulk buyer.

Rates At Which They Sell Ethereum

Naira [NGN]Ethereum [ETH]
113,326.3815 NGN1 ETH

Rates At Which They Buy Your Ethereum

Ethereum [ETH]Naira [NGN]
1 ETH101,028.8815 NGN

Those rates are awesome right? Since it’s an e-currency, the price or rates may fluctuate depending on the demand and supply of ETH.

Those rates where gotten on June 11, 2020.

Click Here To Check The Latest Rates

Kindly note that truexgold is not an e-wallet.

How To Buy Ethereum on Truexgold

You want to send naira and receive ethereum, follow the steps below.

Step 1. While you are on truexgold homepage (truexgold.com), click on the NGN button as shown in the image below.

buy ethereum truexgold

Step 2. Then click on ethereum (ETH) on the right side.

eth buy in nigeria

Step 3. Enter the amount of ethereum you want to buy on truexgold and your ethereum wallet address.

buy ethereum on truexgold nigeria

Step 4. Enter your personal details like surname, name, email address and phone number.

personal data exchanger

Step 5. Agree to the terms and conditions of the exchange services, don’t forget to tick the appropriate field. Click on the create order button.

order truexgold nairaland

Step 6. Pay for the order by following the instructions on the page. You are going to transfer the money for the ETH to the account details given to you.

truexgold payment for eth

Step 7. It will take some time for the exchange to be processed upon confirmation.

paid order truexgold

Step 8. After the order is paid, the amount of ethereum you bought will be sent to your ethereum wallet address.

Enjoy your ETH πŸ˜‡

How To Sell Ethereum on Truexgold

I’m sure you have some ETH in your e-wallet and would like to convert it to naira.

Follow these steps to sell your ETH on truexgold.

Step 1. You should already be logged in on the site.

sell ethereum on truexgold

Step 2. Click on the ETH button as shown in the image above.

how to sell your ethereum

Step 3. You will land on the exchanger page. Enter the amount of ETH you want to sell and make sure you have up to that in your e-wallet.

Step 4. Enter ethereum wallet address, it’s advisable to copy it from your wallet provider, then paste it in this field.

Step 5. Leave the amount in naira as it has been automatically converted.

select bank account for exchange

Step 6. Enter your bank account number, bank account name and select the name of the bank in the drop-down there.

personal data exchanger

Step 7. Fill out the required personal data:

  • Email address; use the one associated with your truexgold account.
  • Phone number.

Step 8. Solve the captcha.

Step 9. Click on the exchange button.

order truexgold nairaland

Step 10. Agree to terms and conditions of the exchange services and make sure it is ticked appropriately.

Step 11. Click on the Create Order button.

exchange agreement truexgold

Step 12. You will see that your order has been successfully created.

truexgold payment for eth

Step 13. As shown above, you will be redirected to the order status page where the status of the exchange will be shown. You will also get the ethereum wallet address in which you are to pay the amount you want to sell to.

Step 14. After you have sent the ETH, it will take some time to be confirmed.

Step 15. If it is successful, you will receive your money in naira in less than 20 minutes.

Note that the exchange is semi-automated and will require a truexgold for confirmation and transfer.

Enjoy your money and don’t spend lavishly 😎

How To Verify Your Truexgold Account [KYC]

Verification of your truexgold account is not compulsory but may be necessary because it has some advantages. For example there will no limits on your transactions.

Note: Make sure that you have done at least 10 transactions (buying and/or selling of cryptocurrency) on truexgold.

The documents/ things required are:

1. Name validation (National Id, Passport or Driver’s license). The name on your account must match with the one on the document.

2. Photo with id, truexgold username and date. You are going to hold your id or passport and a paper containing your truexgold username and the date on which you want to request for verification. For better understanding, check the picture below.

verify truexgold account

3. Phone Verification: You are going to be called by a truexgold worker to verify your phone number (you won’t be told when you are going to receive the call).

Now to request for verification, go to your profile dashboard.

truexgold account profile

At the right hand side, you will see user verification. Click on the link to verify your account.

You are going to submit your surname, middle name, last name and phone number.

After which you which you will upload the required documents, not more than 8MB, then send or request for verification of your truexgold account.

Truexgold Contact Details and Social Media Links

Do you need to talk with or contact truexgold? See their social media handles and contact details below.

Address: 57 MCC Uratta Road, Owerri, Imo State.

Skype: truexgold.admin

Facebook: Truexgold Facebook Page

Twitter: Truexgold Twitter Account

Instagram: Truexgold Instagram Handle

Email: [Email Protected]

Telegram: Official Truexgold

Phone Number: [Number Protected]

Another alternative which i consider very fast and easy way to contact truexgold is the live chat.

At your right hand side below, you will see a chat button, click on it and chat with their support team for free.

They are usually always online 24/7 and you get fast replies from them when compared to other contact options.

Click Here To Contact Truexgold Team

See how the chat looks like below.

truexgold live chat

See what i think about this e-currencies trading platform below.

My Say of This Platform

This platform makes it easier for you to sell your e-currencies like:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Perfect Money
  • Advanced Cash
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Payeer
  • Binary
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Planets of Bets
  • Dash (DSH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Truexgold has been working for more than 7 years in Nigeria, their trust have really grown.

Now that many Nigerians are starting to get knowledge of and understand cryptocurrencies, truexgold has made the buying and selling more easier.

I know more than 10 people that have been scammed of their money and ETH this year. But truexgold has never scammed anybody and never will.

Ethereum is the future, you can buy it from truexgold and save it in your wallet while you wait until the price goes up, it can make you a millionaire.

Make sure you use a strong and trusted e-wallet to keep your ethereum so as not hear stories that touch πŸ˜‚

Over To You!

Now after reading this article you should have made up your mind to go sign up on truexgold.

Click Here To Register On Truexgold

You shouldn’t be the only one that will read this post, share it with your friends, family and everyone you know that deals with e-currencies like ethereum, bitcoin, binary, perfect money, etcetera.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on truexgold and if you have any questions concerning this cryptocurrency trading platform leave a comment below.

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    The search for a credible platform, legit and trustworthy where people can buy and sell their coins have become long, tiring and exasperating.

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