Glo Blackberry data plans 2020 subscription USSD codes and price.

That’s what i am going to explain in this article, kindly note that there is nothing like glo blackberry unlimited data bundle.

Not everyone uses android or iOS device in Nigeria.

Although the percentage of people using those type of phones are really high.

People still use blackberry phones in 2020, but the % has diminished  when compared to about 3 – 4 years ago in Nigeria.

If you still use your BB phone and you also have a glo SIM, then this post is definitely for you.

Glo Data Bundle

2020 Glo Blackberry Data Plans

Note that all glo BB10 data plans are now 3G – 4G compatible, since the time of 2G on blackberry is long gone.

Now to purchase data for your BB phone, follow these steps.

1.) Dial *777# on your phone.

2.) Send 1 to purchase data.

3.) Reply 2 for BB data plans.

4.) Send 1 to buy 3G – 4G bundles.

5.) Then send:

1 for ₦1000 for 1.8GB [30 days].


2 for ₦2000 for 4.5GB [30 days].


3 for ₦2500 for 7.2GB [30 days].

Purchase the plan that you think you are okay with.

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How To Manage Your Data Plan

You might need to manage the plan you are on or even check your balance.

  1. Simply dial *777#.
  2. Send 1.
  3. Reply 2 for bb plans.
  4. Send 2 to manage your data plan.

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Can it Work On Other Phones Apart From BB?

No, it can’t work.

Make sure that you have a BB phone before you purchase it.

Because if you don’t, glo won’t refund your money. Gone is gone.

I hope that helps.

How long will the data take before it expires?

All the data bundles above will last for 30 days (1 month)  before it expires.

However it highly depends on your data consumption rate. For example, if you use mobile data consuming apps like tiktok, instagram, snapchat, likee, etcetera, it is likely to be exhausted before the expiry date.

This article has explained to blackberry phone users how to buy glo data for their BB phone and also how to manage it.

Share this post with other blackberry users that you know.

You can leave a comment below if you have any questions about subscribing to these plans.

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