Glo data plan codes and subscription prices for 2020, you don’t need any glo data cheat to browse the web.

A lot of people in Nigeria use glo to browse highly due to the low price of their internet data bundles.

I’m also among those people and I have decided to write this post for glo users in Nigeria that don’t know how to buy data subscription on their device.

There is only one downside of this internet service provider and that’s the internet connection speed, it’s quite slow when compared to other networks.

Although it depends on your location, if the network is good at your area then you are lucky.

Glo data plan for android, modem and any other device is categorized into three parts: the mini data bundle, the monthly plans and the mega plans.

There has been a recent update from globacom in which they add data that can be used only at night.

The additional night data can only be used from 12:00AM to 5:00AM.

I’m sure you are going to enjoy this article to the end, scroll down to the plan that suits you well.

Glo Data Plan Bundle

Glo Mini Data Plans [Daily & Weekly Bundles]

There are times when you need to use data but you don’t have much credit on your phone.

You can easily buy the glo weekly or daily plans by following the steps below.

♦ Dial *777# on your smartphone.

♦ Reply 1 to buy glo data plan.

♦ Send 1 again.

♦ Reply 1 to proceed (auto-renewable) or 2 to proceed (one-off).

♦ Select 1 for the glo daily or weekly data plans. Then send:

1 to get ₦100 for 105MB [1 Day] including 15MB night.


2 to get ₦200 for 350MB [2 Days] including 110MB night.


3 to get ₦500 for 1.05GB [14 Days] including 250MB night.


4 to get ₦50 for 32MB [1 Day] including 5MB night.

You can also send 6 to go back.

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Glo Monthly Data Internet Plan

Buying a weekly data plan on glo may not be good for you, that’s why you have an alternative of buying the monthly package.

All of these bundles will expire after 30 days of purchase.

♦ Dial *777# on your phone.

♦ Send 1 to buy data on glo.

♦ Reply 1 again to proceed.

♦ Send 1 to proceed with auto-renewal or 2 for one-off purchase.

♦ Select 2 for the glo monthly data plans, then send:

1 to get ₦1000 for 2.5GB [30 Days] including 600MB night.


2 to get ₦1500 for 4.1GB [30 Days] including 600MB night.


3 to get ₦2000 for 5.8GB [30 Days] including 600MB night.


4 to get ₦2500 for 7.7GB [30 Days] including 900MB night.

These plans are very cheap when compared to other ISPs like Airtel, 9mobile, etc.

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Glo Mega Data Plans 2020

If you are the type of person that uses data a lot then this plan is perfect for you. The minimum data in this internet bundle is 50GB, but guess what? It’s extremely cheap.

If you don’t agree with me, check the price of that data on 9mobile or airtel.

♦ Dial *777# on your mobile.

♦ Reply 1 to buy glo data bundle.

♦ Send 1 again to continue.

♦ Reply 1 to continue with auto renewal or send 2 to proceed with one-off plan.

♦ Send 3 for the glo mega data plans. Then send:

1 to get ₦10000 for 50GB [30 days] including 4GB night.


2 to get ₦15000 for 93GB [30 days] including 7GB night.


3 to get ₦18000 for 119GB [30 days] including 10GB.


4 to get ₦20000 for 138GB [30 Days] including 12 GB night.

In case you have purchased any of the data package, read my article on how to check your balance.

This article has showed you the latest glo data plans in 2020 for nigeria internet users.

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If you encountered any problem while trying to purchase data on your glo Sim following this post, leave a comment below.

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