Toxicwap is a website which permits users to download different kinds if music,videos movies. On the site, you can download any movie or TV series that you wish to watch on your mobile device. Movies are available in MP4 while music is available for download in MP3. It is very easy and free of stress.

Using the site, you can download anything within minutes. It is one hundred percent safe. No scam at all.

You won’t be told to pay or subscribe for any service. All the features on the site are free of charge. The site won’t ask for your bank or debit/credit card details.

This review will enlighten you on the features of Toxicwap, and how to use each and everyone of them. We hope this little introduction has given you an idea on what the site is all about.

Toxicwap movie download series

Toxicwap Music Download

This feature can be used by anyone on the site. You don’t need to sign in or sign up with your Facebook or google account. There are different genres and categories of movies available on toxic wap, some of which are listed below;

1. New singles;

2. Albums;

3. Old school;

4. Instrumentals;

5. Angolan Music;

6. Nigerian Music;

7; Kenyan Music;

8. Reggae Music;

9. WWE Entrance Theme songs;

10. Sound tracks;

11; 2pac albums and many more.

Any music you want to download will fall under one of these categories. You can also upload your music for promotion on the website.

All your favourite song beats without vocal, fall under the instrumental category. This enables freestyle artistes to record their own vocals on the beat.

How to download Toxic wap Music

It is a very simple and easy process to download any MP3 music on this website. All you have to do is to follow the procedure below;

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: When at the homepage, click on music.

STEP 3: A variety of music appear on the screen, select the one which the music you want to download falls under.

STEP 4: You can also click on “music search” to look for your desired music.

STEP 5: Select the music and click on “proceed to download”.

STEP 6: Your file gets downloaded within seconds, depending on your data connection.

To download MP3 music on the website, as we can see above is a very fast and easy process.

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Toxicwap Movies 2020

This is another great and amazing feature on the site. Everyone will love to make use of this feature, especially in this stay at home period. A lot of MP4 movies are a available for download on toxic .

Just like the MP3 music download, it is also very easy to download MP4 movies on the site. Hollywood and Bollywood movies can all be downloaded for free!! Good news right?. Yes, you don’t get to pay or subscribe as in the case of Netflix.

How to download Movies in Toxic wap

Now let’s go into the process of downloading the movies. Like I said earlier, it is very easy and simple.

Follow this procedure to download your desired movie on the website:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: When you get to the homepage, click on movies.

STEP 3: It will bring a number movies yo your screen, select the one you want to download.

STEP 4: If you don’t find your desired movie, click on the search button, then click on “proceed to download”.

STEP 5: Your movie file begins to download and finishes up within minutes, depending on your connection.

Toxicwap TV Series

Toxic wap also allows users to download their favourite season films on the site. The TV Series include:

1. Cartoons;

2. K. Drama (Korean);

3. Bollywood;

4. Hollywood and a lot more.

How to download TV Series on Toxic wap

You might want to download your favourite shows, but you don’t know how to do it. Well, you are in the right place. I will be teaching you bow to do all these, by following the steps I will mention here.

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Select the ” TV Series” bar on the dashboard.

STEP 3: Find and download your movie.

STEP 4:  In case you do not find the movie you wish to download, all TV Series have been sorted alphabetically. That is, you can select the initial letter of your TV Series title.

Toxicwap Videos

This feature contains a number of categories of MP4 videos. They include;

1. Music videos;

2. Nigerian Music Videos;

3. Dance Videos;

4.Funny videos;

5. South African Music videos, to mention a few. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any questions drop a comment below.

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